Men What?

Have you ever said, what does that guy have in his hair? What is happening to his beard? Or thought when is my son going to cut his hair? Men & fashion, who knew?

Man buns, Man Braids and glitter on the beards. These looks have gotten lots of press and a lot of people talking. Either you love it or you hate it., but one thing is certain, everyone has a strong opinion. And Men’s hair fashion is definitely something to talk about.

First it was men’s hair getting longer, that was a change and something to get used to. Then, the man Bun appeared, Oh my! This took a minute to digest and get acquainted with. But, guys are growing their hair out to wear a man bun…They wear it to the gym, they start finding rubber bands around the house for their hair and they are wearing it to the clubs…It’s great, it takes them more than 5 minutes to get ready. Ladies haven’t we been complaining about how easy it was for them all these years!

Now just when we thought we were really open minded to the trendy Man Bun, It’s a man Braid now! This is going to take more than a minute for some people to warm up to. And when I say braid, I am talking French Braid. I am not sure if the Man Braid will make it to the Midwest, or if this newest man fashion for hair will take off, but now you know about it, if it grows in popularity.

Beards, oh WOW, either you love them or you really hate them. Beards have made a strong return, we have, No shave November, young men in beards, business men in beards & Glitter beards! I guess if you want to be festive this may be the look for you. For me I am not a fan of glitter, because it gets everywhere. I couldn’t imagine the challenge of kissing a glitter beard, or hugging someone with a glitter beard. But that’s me, I do not like wearing glitter. But, I would enjoy seeing a man with a glitter beard at a festive event!

Could men be trendsetters or fashion forward? I guess we will have to wait and see if Man buns, man braids or Glitter beards are here to stay. I know that I for one am glad that there is something new for men, I like the fact that there is something to have opinion on for men that is fashion related. I think it’s also great that men have a way of creating their own style too.

I have two sons, my oldest son is clean cut, short hair and my youngest has longer hair, wears a man bun on occasion. I like both of their styles, they have their own look & style that works for them.

I think it’s really nice that men care and take the risk for change, after all it is only hair! “And maybe a little Glitter”

~ Be your own Gardener: Be Happy…be well…be kind…Be You ~

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