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Talking Trends....Did you happen to watch the Golden Globes? I am specifically talking about the grey/steel hair on the red carpet, it’s not just for the mature anymore. At the Golden Globes Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter were together on the Red carpet, each had a different shade of grey hair Mother & Daughter, one came about it naturally and one had the help of a Hairdresser. They both looked beautiful. But for most women, we cannot imagine going Grey!

The Grey & Silver hair trend is happening. We have teens & young celebrities wanting to go grey, stripping their hair pigment and making their hair some shade of grey. What used to be a sign of getting older is now fashionable, TRENDY. But for most women we live by our calendars for the next touch up to cover the grey! We can’t imagine WHY, would anyone would want to rush the grey process. Or if we decide to go grey naturally, we live by the days, the weeks and the months until all the color is grown out and we ourselves have grey hair…We may love it or we be finding ourselves going back to coloring.

You may be asking yourself…Will this trend last? Do you like it? Do you wish it would end? Whatever we feel about it, we will remember this trend, by moment in our lives, something will spark this memory. As we remember it, will we be happy its gone? Or, will we wish it never ended? One thing is for sure, it's a trend, a style, an expression of who we are at the time.

So if grey is where you want to go, and you have been coloring your hair for years, or whether you are young and want to be some shade of grey, both are a process that will most likely take you a few appointments to achieve. So, Consult with your stylist, she/or he will help get you to where you want to be. Both will take time to get you to your end result, be patient. And when you get there, you may find it’s not for you, or, you may in love with your shade of grey.

If this trend is or isn't for you, that’s the beauty of a trend, it’s not for everyone, only for the person wearing it. And remember, if the trend is too much change for your hair, and you don't want to be left out, you can always polish your nails in shades of grey...

~ Be your own Gardener: Be well, be happy, be kind, Be you ~

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