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Who you support does Matter: Have you ever had a strong feeling? Been excited about doing something? Did you ever want to build or assemble something great? Have you ever felt like an explorer or had the belief in something better?

Unite , Morrocanoil, Goldwell & Morgan Taylor, What do they all have in common? They all are what Imagine salon considers the best products for the best, our Clients. We love them and Our clients have fallen In love with them too!

Unite haircare was introduced in 2003 by Andrew Dale, Unite was created by a Hairdresser for hairdressers. Dale is still Hairdresser, founder and CEO of Unite and continues to inspire hairdressers and clients with this incredible haircare line. When you come into Imagine salon everyone always comments on the how good it smells, and after you have experienced Unite you will understand why. Unite hair care was create paraben free, sulfates free, color safe, sodium chloride free, No DEA, No MEA,& vegan , Imagine salon has been Using & retailing Unite proudly since 2009..

Morrocanoil , I am sure you recognize the name, and can probably even recall the packaging. But did you know that it is owned by a woman not a corporation, Carmel Tal, Carmel has transformed Morrocanoil into one of the most sought after hair care lines in the world and One of the cleanest lines in the world. Ingredients of the highest quality, Spa like experience-addictive scent, CNN stated, Morrocanoil maybe the 2nd. “Most valued secret formula” (after Coca-Cola). Morrocanoil was built on reputation and positive word of mouth. All Morrocanoil is paraben free, sulfates free, color safe, sodium chloride free, Imagine Salon has used & retailed Morrocanoil proudly since 2009.

Goldwell, founded in 1920 by Hans Erich Dotter, built a company exclusively that focuses on Hairdressers. Goldwell is and still remains a leader in the color industry along with its Hair care line. Imagine salon stylists have proudly been using Goldwell hair color for over 30 years.

Morgan Taylor history began with two nail technicians, with 30 years’ experience. They have innovated the nail industry with their creative palette.

Imagine salon just like all of our product lines have a passion for our craft. All our Stylist and Nail tech have a passion for what they do. We strive for excellence, we want to offer our clients the best in the business, and we want to use the best products in the business. We want to create an environment that gives stylist a sense of professional independence. To be inspiring and inspired to keep doing what we love, Hair!

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all of our products are environmentally friendly:  vegan friendly, paraben and sulfate free